Trade Empire

An introduction
After much negotiating Sarvus Trask managed to get a Writ of Salvage on the Imperium hulk, the Emperor’s Bounty. Quickly he arranged a crew and with the last pennies in his coffer he prepared the last of his once great families ships, the Sovereign Venture, for voyage.

The warp ride was rough through the Maw, as he knew it would be, but they pressed on. It took the ship around 10 days to get to the Battleground where the Bounty’s salvage beacon was intercepted and Sarvus set out in his Gun-Cutter to discern the condition of the wreck. Once on board, however, things hit the fan.

On board the bounty was a device, later called the Worm by one of the few remaining crew members. It was that device that took over the ships servitors and purged the machine spirit. The extent of the horror became evident when the party reached the bridge. The Worm was able to control the bodies of the dead and hurl them at the party. Quick reflexes and a well placed shotgun blast here and there from Dominic kept them at bay while Nathin opened a vent and the party slid through. They were harassed a little before they found a member of the ships crew. He lead them down towards the warp drive where the Worm had little power and instructed the party on how to restart the machine spirit and weaken the Worm by starting the ships powerful Gellar drive, an electrical field that protects spacecraft from the baleful entities of the warp.

After they had restarted the ship and started the Gellar field, they pressed forward to the bridge to deal with the Worm, which had attached itself to the third eye of the ships navigator. A quick battle ensued where the group was quickly being overrun with zombies but a couple of well placed shots dropped the navigator and the worm fell off, completely inert.

Rewards Profit Rating Notes
Salvaging the Emperor’s Bounty +10
Moving the Bounty out of the debris field to speed up salvage +5
Saving the Ships crew +2 The crew has asked permission to stay aboard the Venture as they no longer have a ship
Total +17
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