Segmentum Obscurus

The ’’’Segmentum Obscurus’’’ is one of the Segmentums, divisions of the Galaxy, of the Imperium. It is located to the north of Holy Terra, and its Segmentum Fortress is located at Cypra Mundi 1. One of its most notable features is the Eye of Terror.

Notable Planets
*Caliban – destroyed

Notable Other Celestial Objects
*Eye of Terror
*Craftworld Ulthwé
*Halo Stars

Notable Sectors
*Calixis Sector
*Scarus Sector
*Gothic Sector

Other Segmentums
*Segmentum Pacificus – South West
*Segmentum Solar – South
*Segmentum Tempestus – Far South
*Ultima Segmentum – South East

Segmentum Obscurus

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